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Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo was the most luxurious destination from my Euro trip route. Or so I thought it would be …

When I arrived in Monaco, more specifically in Monte Carlo, I was not as surprised as I thought I would be. Maybe it was because the whole city was turned upside down for the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix preparations and a lot of streets were blocked, the harbor was completely transformed and you had no space to wander around. The city looked so industrialized and had nothing picturesque, it looked too urban for a city by the sea. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the narrow streets blocked by huge expensive cars or the crazy traffic!

What I really liked was the hotel I stayed in, Le Meridien Beach Plaza, where I practically ate gold. I’m not kidding, I ate a super delicious dessert, coconut milk rice with mango, that had as a topping a raw egg yolk covered in gold. I can’t tell how gold tastes, but the dessert was awesome. My room had an amazing beach and terrace view and, in the evening, really good music. Private beach, clear turquoise water, exceptional serving, complex breakfast and premium comfort, these are the coordinates that made my staying better.

All in all, I am always happy when I am near the sea, regardless the location.

Will I ever visit Monte Carlo again?

Not convinced, but I might give it another try.

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