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What a 21 years old girl learned from Sex and The City

What a 21 years old girl learned from Sex and The City

I was in highschool, dealing with the usual boyfriend and parents problems when I accidentally saw an episode from SATC at the TV. It got me hooked from the first scene I saw: four girls talking about sex, beauty, fashion, men, all dressed up pretty and with a lot of humour. A series about all aspects of a woman’s life. With sugar, spice and everything nice. What’s not to like about it? 

As I was living in a small town with two parallel streets, the thought of living in New York felt like a fantasy. I started to relate my life to each one of the characters because they all represented some parts of my personality. 

Carrie Bradshaw – The hot mess

Carrie, this always flawless looking woman with killer legs, was irresponsible financially and childish from all points of view. Dreaming since forever to have a job in fashion, she is the one I identified myself with. I know she didn’t work in fashion, but don’t we all live with this impression about her? Always stylish, always on point with her outfits, it’s like her clothes had a life of their own. Of course I also felt I had my Mr Big period, with ups and downs in my so called teenage love life, arguing with my mother whenever I wanted to meet him. Spending all my saved money on clothes? Checked. Being totally obsessed with every outfit I created? Checked. Dreaming about writing a book someday? Checked. What Carrie taught me is to always be honest and tell how I feel. To be proud of who I am and the life I choose to have.

Miranda Hobbs – The boss lady

Miranda, this thriving and ambitious lady who was always bossy and had a serious approach on life. I identified myself with her because at that time I was doing Taekwon-do, a martial art which imposes respect and a strong personality. This is what helped me grow from a shy person to being the head of the class four years in a row. Career, career, career..this is the main motto of Miranda, but from time to time the series shows us a softer side of the unbeatable lawyer. Even though her friends are the ones she cares the most about, she loves her family and even accepts to take care of her mother in law when she gets sick. What Miranda taught me is that, sometimes, compromise is not bad. It may actually lead you to a happier life.

Charlotte – the fragile princess 

Charlotte, the always vulnerable and crying character may seem delicate,  but from time to time we can also see her stronger side. She didn’t have the financial issues Carrie had, for example, but I think everyone agrees with me when I say she was so obsessed with getting married and having a child that it somehow becomes her main focus.  It’s not my case, but I do find some resemblances when it comes to her soft side, her innocence and femininity. The most important thing I learned from Charlotte is to let things happen in their own time. Hurrying up is a destroying process. 

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Samantha – the “I don’t give a f**k one”

Samantha Jones, the PR woman that gets all things done. Super sexual and not afraid to show this at all, she really doesn’t care about society’s rules or what others may think about her. She experienced everything you could think of when it comes to sex, acting like a man in a woman’s body. When Smith, the much younger man came into her life and changed the way she thought about relationships, we started seeing the vulnerable side of Samantha. Don’t even get me started on Richard, the guy that played her the most. I like Samantha because she is free and fearless, she knows no boundaries and her vibes inspire me to push myself forward continously.

What have I learned from this timeless series? I learned a lot about relationships and how things can go extremely wrong or perfectly right, I devoured each character’s personal style and imagined myself living their life. No conclusion is needed because Sex and The City will live long, as long as women have love issues and crucial life questions. In the end, it is like a user manual both for men and women to better understand each other’s evolution. 

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