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5 Fashion apps you need to download right now

5 Fashion apps you need to download right now

I have a confession to make. My phone is full of apps! Lucky for me I have enough space but still, am I using all of them? The answer is definitely NO. Whenever I see some good ads on Instagram about an app I am convinced it will help me so I download it. The truth is I never even opened some of them.

So thinking of fashion and style, here are some useful apps for you that you will love and open daily:

1. Vestiaire Collective

It is a French luxury reselling app for android and apple store that you can use for selling whatever branded stuff you have in your closet that you don’t wear anymore. It is a good way of making some money and room for new clothes and also recycling.

They also have a website if preferred and last year opened a pop-up shop in Selfridges, London for those who want to go directly to the source.


Are you looking for brands at better prices ? The OUNET is the perfect place for you. It was established back in 2009 by Net-a-Porter Group and it was meant to have more than 350 luxury fashion designers’ products all discounted up to 75%! They have new items every week so don’t forget to start every week by checking out their new arrivals and offers.

3. Vogue Runway

In case you are interested to see the latest appearances on the catwalk or simply get inspired by street style outfits , Vogue Runway offers both of them for free. Interesting, isn’t it? I always used to search on Google for the latest fashion shows but I could not always stay updated to everything. Now I just enter the app without searching anywhere and they show me everything I need to know. It is fast, simple, right on point and sharply updated.


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Are you hunting the best prices? Glami will display the same product sold by different websites on the same page for you. All you have to do is write what you are looking for and see which online shop provides the best price. After that, when clicking the product, Glami will take you directly to the online shop selected. No more loosing time entering many pages, leaving them open and looking at each one of them one after another.

5. Smart Closet

This app can be a very good friend of organized people. If you like to have your outfits prepared in advance and sorted out now you can do that on your phone while staying in bed. This app also gives you the choice to take photos of your items and remove the background or simply search for them ion the app. More to that, you can follow people for inspiration, exactly like on Instagram.

Did you know about them? If not, maybe now they will become life saviours for you the same as they did for me.

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