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Kenzo x H&M

Kenzo x H&M

Unchained jungle. Prints, colors, shapes, layering and fun. It’s what Kenzo designers, Carol Lim and Humbert Leon did for H&M. Everything to be revealed and ready to be bought from November 3.

If you followed me, you know I don’t do prints. And even if I do, they are as minimalistic as they can be. But, girl, this collection had a hypnotic effect on me. I climbed the trees, went in the mud, suffer from cold, just to get the perfect shot for these little beasties. The zebra print on red, pink, blue, green, the psychedelic motifs, the exaggerated volumes and shapes transposed me in this cinematic world where, despite the craziness and wilderness of the clothes, everything happened in slow motion, time stood still and everything was more profound.

The collection was launched two days ago, in New York, with a fantastic show. It was more like a spectacle, as I could see on people’s Instagram. Dancers, beatboxers, musicians united on the special remixed rhythm of Sam Spiegel’s song, Express Yourself. What better song and title to be the background for this insanity? They had a truly special choreography made by Kenzo collaborator, Ryan Heffington that emphasized the particularity of every artist and every piece of clothing.

Jungle enough?

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