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CLUJ Personal Style Workshop

CLUJ Personal Style Workshop

Since this website is new and I had lots of activity the year that passed, I thought it would be good for both you and me to pin some of the workshops I had in 2019 so you can see what is actually happening during this revealing experience.

Cluj was definitely a special experience. Two days of workshops (16&17th of November 2019), both Saturday and Sunday, which was so unusual for me (I usually have only one workshops on Saturday). The girls from The Woman took care of the organisation perfectly so that everything went smoothly. The location was Meron Roastery Lab where we had a fine lunch with vegan and healthy food and, of course, delicious coffee.

20 women that came to meet me. 20 women that trusted every single word I said. 20 women that had their lives changed for good. 20 women that gave me all their positive energy and light. Women that remind me every time the reason I started these workshops, the reason I am so involved in knowing all of them and giving them real advice.

Day 1
Day 2

We laughed, we cried, we talked about body shapes as we always do, we understood what styling for normal people means, we made the transition to smart shopping and we made a promise to always pay attention to ourselves first.

Cluj has a beautiful creative energy and I was so happy to have as participants women with all sorts of jobs: entrepreneurs, interior designers, IT, lawyers and even students. The fact that we are all smart ambitious women brings us together, no matter the age or the status. Personal style is a means of communication and women need to pay a little more attention to what their style expresses.

Of course I can’t reveal everything that happened during the workshops because is confidential but what I can say and you will see in the pictures is that we had a really good time. A full weekend with the girls…uhh I think this is everyone’s dream, isn’t it? Talking about stuff you never talked before, realising you are not the only one going through this, hearing other successful women stories and finding the motivation in yourself are things we usually ignore doing. Trapped in everyday life, errands, family, bills and so forget about the woman you were, the woman you are, the woman you want to be.

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Cluj & The Woman, thank you so much for this amazing experience I will never forget!

Many thanks to PANDA SQUAD ADVERTISING , Givenchy, Chic Bijoux, The Healthy Cake

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